If you have any questions or feedback or would like to know more about getting involved, please contact Dalice Kennedy on 0451 596 386 or email

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10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Dalice

    My name is Sue King and I saw your article in the Advertiser on the 1st October. I would like to help you collect shoes and have asked the congregation where I church to also help to donate shoes.
    I am also sending a notice out to everyone in my work email address book to donate.
    Once we have as many as we can get we will drop them off at the Goodwood Road address.
    My home email address is

    Iā€™m sure you will be truly blessed for this wonderful challenge.

    If would like phone contact with me I can email you my number

  2. I read about Kendra Kotz doing a shoe drive on the Eyre Peninsula through the Port Lincoln Times, so now I have joined her & trying to put the message out on my facebook world, local notice board, individual invitations & the best way is thru the ‘bush telegraph’. Keep up the wonderful work your organisation & others like yours are doing for our disadvantage peoples of the world.

    • Hi Roni,

      That is excellent. Thank you for your support.

      I am sure Kendra has provided you with all the links for the facebook and a copy of the flyer also which has more information. If you have any questions please sing out.

      Thank you again.

      Warm regards,

  3. Dear Dalice,

    I’m hoping you will open up a collection in Brisbane. I’ll encourage all my friends to help:)
    By the way, are you still in cooperation with TAFE? used to donate there and it was really convenient.


  4. Hi, I’m a triathlete & always replacing running shoes. I have many good running shoes lying around & would like to see them off to new needy owners in Africa.
    Are you aware of any drop off points in Brisbane?


    • Hi Jan,

      Thank you for getting in contact.

      I do not know of any drop points in Brisbane and we are only collecting in SA at the moment. In the interim some people have chosen to post shoes, however, if you would like to join our database you will receive updates including when we begin collecting interstate.

      Thank you again.

      Warm regards,

    • Hi Jan,
      Thanks for your contact. At this stage we don’t have a collection point in Brisbane. While we hope to collect interstate this year I do not think it will be Brisbane as yet. In the interim if you would like to post your shoes we would love to have them but understand if this is a little far.
      Warm regards,

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