Our Friends

The Butterfly Movement works in partnership with Soles4Souls, a global Charity established following the 2002 Tsunami. Since 2002 Soles4Souls has distributed more than 15 million pairs of  shoes and continues to distribute a pair of shoes every seven seconds to people in need globally. Check out Souls4Soles at www.soles4souls.com

Levant is a special partner of The Butterfly Movement. Levant, an ethical women’s fashion boutique, is situated at 131 Goodwood Road and is the priority drop off and packing point for the donated shoes. To learn more about ethical fashion see www.levantnaturesfashion.com.au

Central Logistics also plays a key role in our mission to help bridge the shoe gap.

Storing thousands of pairs of shoes at a time takes up a lot of room and a lot of logistics are involved. Central Logistics, made up of Central Warehousing & Distribution Pty Ltd and Central Freight Management Services Pty Ltd, has kindly donated the space The Butterfly Movement needs to store our donated shoes until such time as the shipping container is full, which is around the 24,000 shoe mark. Learn more about Central Logistics here: www.centrallogistics.com.au


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