Dalice Kennedy is the founder and Chief Executive of The Butterfly Movement Ltd Charity.

Dalice started her career as a Public Relations Consultant for a leading PR consultancy then as a Business Development and Communications Manager for one of South Australia’s largest charities, before taking herself to Kenya for three months as a volunteer, then launching The Butterfly Movement Ltd.

The Butterfly Movement’s inaugural campaign began in September 2011 with the original goal to collect 10,000 pairs of new and gently worn shoes over a three-month period. Such was the support and interest in the campaign the original goal was surpassed in 5 weeks and by the time the three-month time-frame was through more than 54,000 pairs of shoes had been received from all states and territories in Australia.

Spend time with Dalice and you will see how her passion for contribution has shaped her life and career.

The Butterfly Movement got its name from the butterfly effect theory of: “when a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the earth it creates a hurricane on the other side”. Dalice is committed to empowering others and highlighting the impact our thoughts, words and actions have on others and the world – starting from a single pair of shoes.

If you would like Dalice to speak with your organisation, group or school please email butterflymovement@live.com.au


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